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NOTE: This FAQ Includes 4 Separate Categories - Standard, Mail, Web Control Panel, and MS FrontPage

How do I transfer files to my website?
Files must be transferred to the webserver via File Transport Protocol (FTP). If you need FTP, telnet, mail,or other Internet software, visit or Both are a great source for the latest Internet applications with ratings and reviews to help you decide which application is best suited for your needs. An FTP tutorial is also available for beginner users who may not be familiar with FTP. See the first question below if you are having trouble.

Standard Support Questions

Mail Information Including POP Accounts, SMTP, AutoResponders, Mailing Lists and MajorDomo

Web Based Control Panel

MS FrontPage Specific Support Questions

My Pages Are Not Showing Up After I Upload Them, Why?

When you first log in to your site via FTP you will be connecting to your user directory.  This is the /users/YourUserName

The /web directory you see in the file list of your FTP client is your USERS WEB DIRECTORY and NOT THE ROOT WEB DIRECTORY.  If you upload files to this web directory it will ONLY be accessible via

So How Do I Upload To The Root Web Directory?
Make sure you are connected via FTP with a user who has site adminstrative rights.  When you initially log in you will need to go down 2 levels into your sites root.  To do this while located at your /users/UserName all FTP clients have a way to go to the below level.  On WS-FTP it is a .. at the top of your file list and in CuteFTP it is  a yellow folder with an arrow in it.  When you go down the first level you will then be located in your /users directory.  You Will need to go down one more level until you see the following directories.

Go into the /web directory and this is where you will see your roots Index.html file.  This is the root area where you should upload your files and will be displayed at the URL of

If you can set your initial directory in your FTP client you can configure it to /web which will accomplish the same as above.

The default page MUST be named one of the following.  FrontPage users can not use the standard Default.html.
index.shtml (Only use if SSI is Required)

If you do not wish to use the default page of index.html make sure to delete it as it will override and load all other index pages.

What FTP Program Should I Use?
We suggest using CuteFTP or WS-FTP which are Shareware based applications and can be found at and

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I Can Not Access My Domain Via Host Name,  Why?

Once you receive the confirmation letter from us that your account has been setup, you should be able to access your domain instantly via IP address.  However due to how the internet works, it can take up to 72 hours for these DNS changes to propagate through all of the Internet's backbone before your domain becomes live via domain name.  During this time your domain may even be assessable by host name and then mysteriously quit.  This is also part of the propagation process, as it simply depends on what routers your request takes to get to the domain.

If you are attempting to access your web based control panel, you should have received instructions in our response email on how to access the web based control panel before the domain goes live.  Please contact us if you need further assistance regarding this issue.

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Where Are My Pre-Installed CGI's Like FormMail and Guest Book Located?

Greeting Cards
Site Search Engine
Single Page Shopping Cart
Graphics Based Page Counter
Text Based Page Counter
Guest Book
Message Board
Free For All Links Page
Random Text (Daily Quote)
Whois Domain Lookup

PLEASE NOTE: Pre-Installed CGI's Will Only Be Available On Qualifying Accounts

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What Are The Server Paths For User Installed CGI Scripts?

Sendmail: /usr/lib/sendmail
Perl Version 5.005_03  /usr/bin/perl
Domain path: /home/sites/
Html docs path:  /home/sites/
Cgi-bin path: /home/sites/

PLEASE NOTE: CGI's Will Run Only On Qualifying Accounts And We Do Not Support User Installed CGI's

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I Want To Have A Secure Order Page, How Do I Access And Use SSL?

Any account which is located on one of our servers has access to our secure server also known as SSL.  There is No Charge for setup or use of our Certificate, however it must be requested and is not included initially.

To request access to our secure server simply send an email to our Support Staff and include the Domain Name which needs access.

Please allow up to 48 Hours for this feature to be configured.  You will be notified via email after setup is complete.

After setup is complete to access the page via a Secure Socket simply change the page link from http://  to https:// as in the below example:
Unsecured -
Secure -

NOTE:  DO NOT use https links for all of your web pages as this will dramatically decrease your site load times and dramatically increase our server resources.  ONLY use it on pages that require Secure Sockets like order forms or Personal Information Transactions.  Abuse of this will result in the disabling or additional fees for this feature on your account.

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Can I Have More Than One Domain Point To My Existing Site?

YES!  Please contact our sales staff for the current cost to add this feature.

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How Do I Create A Password Protected Directory?

Although we do not have a browser interface at this time to allow this feature on our accounts, it can be done with a telnet session.  If you do not have telnet active on the account please contact our support staff for current pricing to add this feature.

1. Telnet in, and login Using the Site Admin User ID and Password

2. Navigate to the directory you want to password protect.

3. Create the .htaccess file, it should contain the following lines:

# Access file
order allow,deny
allow from all
require valid-user
Authname DirectoryName
AuthPAM_Enabled off
Authtype Basic
AuthUserFile /home/sites/sitename/web/directory/.htpasswd

Make Sure To Replace DirectoryName, sitename and directory as appropriate, where sitename would be and if you are going in the users dir you have to go to  /home/sites/sitename/users/username/web/directory/.htpasswd

Note: If you want to use the systems' /etc/passwd file for authentication you can eliminate the AuthUserFile line from the .htaccess file above.

4. Now you must create the .htpasswd file using the htpasswd tool.
    a. Type the following command to create the file and add a user:
        htpasswd -c .htpasswd username
    b. You will be prompted for the users' password twice.

5. If you need to add additional users to the file, use the command above without the -c.

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Where Do I Find The Site Statistics?

1. Go to your web based control panel located at and log on.

2. Click on the Site Usage Button on the right side of your browser

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How Do I Configure My Email Account?  What Are The Values?

Below are the values needed to configure your email client....

Full name = User ID We Supplied You
Email =
Internet Mail server =
Account = User ID We Supplied You
Password = Password We Supplied You
From =

If you would like additional POP email accounts, from your web based control panel located at click on the add user button.  If you have any questions during the setup simply click on the ? next to each step and instructions will be shown at the bottom of the screen. Remember each account has a maximum number of users/pop accounts.

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My Email Is Getting Rejected / Fails When I Send It to My Domain.

There are 4 possible reasons your email is being rejected when you send to your domain.

1)  Your domain name has not yet fully propagated through the web and some routers can not find your site on the new server, thus sending back a failure.  Please allow up to 72 hours for your domain name changes to propagate through the web after the DNS updates have been completed.

2) You do not have an email alias configured for that name.  This is usually not the case as we always configure the site to catch all emails sent to it and forward them to the main user.  If you removed the from your alias section on your site administrators mail, this could be the case.  If you do not want the catch all email address active simply assure the aliases you are sending to are in the user section as name only and not

3)  You requested the service at time of setup.  You can not run service and POP accounts at the same time, and due to this we did not enable the accept email for this domain feature.  If you desire the service you must register with them at and send us the DNS updates they provide you after setup is complete.  If you desire standard pop accounts send our support team an email and we will convert your service back to POP based accounts.

4) Email was not enabled on your account due to a request or an error.  Contact our support staff regarding this issue.

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Does Each POP/User Account Include An Email Autoresponder / Vacation Reminder?

YES!  To setup an AutoResponder,  follow the below instructions...

1. Go to your web based control panel located at and type in your User ID and password when prompted.

2. Locate the User you wish create the AutoResponder for and click on their blue email button.  Check the box next to the Vacation/AutoResponder Email Reply section and type in the message you would like sent.

NOTE:  The AutoResponder is configured so it will reply back to a specific email address once per week.  This is the standard Linux AutoResponder configuration.  This setting is server wide and can not be modified.  The Subject of the email will say something similar to "AutoResponder from Your Name."  At this time it can not be modified.

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How Do I Configure Email Forwarding / Redirects?

Email Forwarding / Redirects is the ability to send an email to and allow it to be redirected to or

This can be configured in your web based control panel or by following the below instructions.

1. Go to your web based control panel located at and type in your User ID and password when prompted.

2. Locate the User you wish create the redirect for and click on their blue email button.  In the Forward Email To field, type in the email address you would like that user's email to go to.

3. Save Changes

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How Do I Access / Use The Subscribable Mailing Lists / Majordomo?

1. Log into your web based control panel located at
2. Click on the List Management link on the left hand side
3. Click on the Add Mailing List link.

NOTE:  To allow users to subscribe to the list please make sure to select the option....  This option will allow users to subscribe and unsubscribe themselves from the list by sending mail to with the words "subscribe listname" or "unsubscribe listname" in the body. (listname is the name assigned to the mailing list when it is created)

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How Do I Access My Web Based Control Panel?

Go to and log on with the user ID and Password we supplied you in your conformation email.

NOTE:  If your domain has not yet propagated through the web please review the conformation email we sent you for a temporary access solution.

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I Get A Password Error When I Click On The Server Management Icon In My Web Control Panel, Why?

The server management area in your web based control panel is only for our NOC team.  Clients and Resellers do not have access to this area.

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How Do I Publish Using FrontPage 2000?

After you create your web page click on File --> Publish Web.  When prompted simply put in http://The.IP.Address.We.Sent.You.  If you can access your domain from the web via host name you can also use versus IP.  This however will take a few days before the DNS changes propagate through the internet.

Each of the users you create from your web based control panel can also have their own web site accessible via  When they publish to their personal site they must put in the following  PLEASE NOTE - If you create the users as Site Administrators they could replace your root web pages by mistake if they do not follow these instructions.

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When I Upload Using FrontPage, The Default Welcome Page Is Not Replaced.
If you are using Microsoft FrontPage to publish your site please be aware that you CAN NOT use default.htm as the home page. We run Linux RedHat as our server platform and it accepts the following pages as the defaults:

index.shtml (Only use if page includes SSI's - Server Side Includes)

To resolve this issue simply change the default home page file name in your FrontPage settings.  Also read and follow the below instructions for the common FrontPage Keeps Telling Me Incorrect Password publishing, this may also assist.

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Why Am Getting An "Extensions Are Not Operational" Error?

If FrontPage alerts you that the extensions are not operational, or if your site still publishes but the web pages that utilize the FrontPage extensions always come up as bad links, there could be 2 different possibilities.

1)  When you initially ordered the account you did not check the Install FrontPage Extensions, thus they were not installed.  Please send a note to our support staff requesting that we install FP Extensions.  Please make sure to include your domain name.

2) This error can sometimes also be caused by corrupt FP Extensions.  Please contact our support staff and request a reinstall of the extensions.  Make sure you have a backup of all your data before you request this.  In some cases it may cause data loss.

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I Am Using FrontPage And The Active Server Pages (ASP) Feature Does Not Work, Why?

ASP is an add-on feature for our servers due to the expense in licensing for the Linux OS.  This feature will be available after 6/1/2000 and you will need to contact our sales staff for pricing and availability.

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I Am Attempting To Create A SubWeb, However It Gives Me An Error, Why?

We do not support subwebs due to a well documented security risk and do not wish to put our servers nor clients at risk.

You may receive the following error message if you are attempting to create a subweb -  Server error. The web server you are using does not support creating, renaming or deleting subwebs from the FrontPage client. You must ask your ISP or web server administrator to create, rename or delete your subweb.

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FrontPage Keeps Telling Me Incorrect Password

If you are attempting to publish using Microsoft FP 2000 or FP 98 and it keeps asking you for your user ID and password, there may be a few issues.

1) You may be attempting to publish to the domain name before it has been transferred to our services.  When Front Page asks you to enter the web address, put in http://The.IP.Address.We.Sent.You versus

2) You may be attempting to publish to a user you created who does not have Site Admin rights to your site.  So when you are prompted for the address to publish to, you MUST put in the following -

3) It is the incorrect password for that user and you must reset the password.

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