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With Web Hosting Sizzle, you get many features with your Domain Name email accounts. This page will provide you with some direction in creating and maintain your email accounts ant their features..

E-Mail Server Support

What Should I use to check my email?
Outlook Express is probably our recommendation. It is very quick to setup and easy to use. It comes with Internet Explorer and all of Microsoft's products. You can obtain a copy from Microsoft's Download Site.

What are the mail server entries I should use?
Both incoming and outgoing ail servers should be setup as, where is the name of your domain minus the www.

How can I check my mail from telnet?
Login to the telnet shell as the user you want to check email for and type the following:
This will start the pine mail client.

How do I setup POP3 accounts?
Login to your control panel as a site admin. Then add a user. The name of the user will also serve as an email account. So if you add a user bob, your site is also then configured to receive mail for

Can a user receive email addressed to multiple names, and if so how?
Yes, a user can receive email for multiple aliases. To set this up, login to your control panel and click the envelope icon next to the user you wish to setup aliases for. The middle box on the page that loads is where you can setup your aliases. So if you want the user bob to receive mail for webmaster@ and sales@, you would merely put webmaster and sales in the Aliases box. Make sure to put them on separate lines.

How do you setup Email Forwards?
Login to the control panel for your site. Once you have done this you will be presented a list of the users for your site. Click the envelope icon for the user taht you want to forward mail for. The page that loads will have three boxes. The top box is for your Forward Address. Put the address you want mail forwarded to. Note that if you have the user bob, with the aliases webmaster and sales, anything at bob@, webmaster@, and sales@ will be forwarded to the address you specify.

How do I setup an auto-responder for an email account?
To setup an auto-responder you will need to be logged into the control panel. Now click on the envelope icon, beside the user you wish to set an auto-responder for. The page that loads up will have three boxes. Select the bottom box, which is for "vacation response" Type the message in the box that you want it to send. Note that by enabling this feature for a user that receives mail for an alias as well, the auto-responder will be sent out for those.

Can I have both an E-mail Forward and an Auto-Responder?
Simply put, no!

How do I setup a catch-all email account?
Simply enter in the alias box of a specified user, and it will collect all left over email sent to your domain.

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